#MuslimRage Grrr

Oh hey have you guys seen this really catchy cover?

Newsweek’s idea of…..journalism.

An accurate portrayal of the Muslim world? No. Kinda racist and insulting? Oh yeah.

Honestly, does Newsweek really think that every single one of the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world look like that? How stupid do these so-called news sources think we are? And how much lower are they going to get before realizing how derogatory those kinds of images are to Muslims?

It’s kind of like slapping a picture of the KKK on the cover of a magazine and titling it “Christian Rage”

Ridiculous right?

What’s even more upsetting (and pretty hilarious actually) is how Newsweek’s editors seem to have no clue what they’re doing. They actually asked the public what they think of their latest cover and to make sure to use the hashtage #Muslimrage! Yaaay *giggle*

Here are some of my favorite responses and proof that Muslims do have a sense of humor.

And here’s the best one:

So naturally the hashtag, #muslimrage was trending all day on twitter yesterday. What’s a better way to fight ignorance (on both sides, Muslims and non-Muslims) than using sarcasm and humor?

Muslim Myth #1 debunked: Muslims do have a sense of humor.

Ok here’s my last point. People seem to forget that Muslims all over the world are fighting for the same exact things that Americans fight for right here in the U.S. They want jobs, they want to be able to put food on the table, get medicine when they need it, have picnics, play sports, invent things, take care of their parents, send their kids to school, go shopping, start businesses, hang out with friends and everything else that makes life worth living. The second that both sides can understand that about each other, that’s when everything starts to change for the better.

Muslim Myth #2 debunked: Muslims are human beings just like everyone else.

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2 thoughts on “#MuslimRage Grrr

  1. People should be free anywhere to say what they think—anything at all. It’s only in free and open forum that ideas can be discussed; the good ideas will stand on their own merits, the bad ones will be publicly exposed for what they are.

    While I’m dreaming I may as well wish for a Lotto win …

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